Zion National Park

Over July 4th weekend my friend Chris and myself visited Zion National Park in Utah. It was about a seven hour drive from where we were so it was a little bit of a road trip. We ended up getting a campground at this South Campground┬áin the park itself which worked out really well because it was near the tram pick up which took you all over the park for free. The park itself was amazing! There were red rocks like the one seen in this picture everywhere, and plenty of hikes to keep anyone busy. The first day there we did a hike called Angels landing which was about a 5000 ft elevation climb over the span of a few miles. It was an awesome start to the trip. The best part of the trip was the following day on July 4th when we hiked the Narrows and got stuck in a flash flood! The photo below was taken right near the tram stop at a place called the Grotto. There are areas to swim in the water around here since it is deep enough in some places. This was taken a little way up though right around sunset. If you can’t tell, I was standing in the middle of the stream in order to take this shot. During the day there was a lot of harsh light and it was tough to take shots that I was happy with so that is why I waited until the end of the day for this one. This is a bracketed shot, and even though it may seem it, it is not a full HDR. This is mostly processed off of two RAW images with the finishing touches applied in Photoshop. I don’t know if I have ever mentioned it, I’m sure I have, but Nik Color Effex Pro is an amazing program and I highly suggest it!


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