Yosemite Valley View

I took this shot at tunnel view in Yosemite Valley National Park. This is one of the most photographed¬†views in all of Yosemite and I can definitely understand why. My friend and I had entered the park through a alternate route because we didn’t know otherwise but this spot is intended to greet incoming park visitors since it is right off the main entrance to the park. We found this out as we were leaving but found it out either way. This view gives you an awesome preview of what you will be seeing close-up once you enter the park. You can even see Yosemite Falls to the right of the picture in the distance disappearing behind the treeline. I shot this with a piece of welders glass covering my lense as a make shift 10 stop filter. I have used it many times before and I love the cool effect it gives images.This is a RAW image file that I processed in Photoshop CS6 with Nik Color Effex Pro. I hit this spot during the summer which is supposedly not the best time to go but I was able to grab a few good shots. Hope you like it.

Tunnel View

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