Triumph Scrambler

I just bought this new Triumph Scrambler and I am in love with it. I just got it a couple of weeks ago and knew that I needed to take some shots of it since it is such a beautiful bike. It reminds me of those old World War II bikes without the sidecar. Some of you may be thinking Paul Newman but I’m pretty sure he drove a Bonneville in The Great Escape. Anyway, I just recently sold my sport bike that I had because I was going to fast with it and I wanted something more comfortable and capable on going on some sketchy roads since I plan on going on a cross-country road trip with it in the near future. This bikes is all that and more. It rides almost like a dirt bike and handles awesome. I’m officially a Triumph fanatic now. What really sold me was the look though. I love the vintage style that it keeps while still having some modern parts on it for performance. Hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think!

Triumph Scrambler 1

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