Train Tracks

A popular spot that I always visit while going to Los Angeles is the Union Station located in the heart of downtown. This is one of the main areas of public transportation in the city and I used it quiet frequently up until I had my motorcycle shipped out to me. That is how I cam to know of this place. There is another picture of the interior of the stationĀ in my storeĀ that you can check out here, which is equally if not more interesting in terms of old architecture and style. I had the idea for this picture in mind before I had visited this spot and thought it would be difficult to do considering I would have to run out in the middle of train tracks and 1. not get arrested 2. not get run over 3. find enough time to get the shot, with the latter being of higher importance. I had come up the walkway onto the platform in order to scout things out and see if there were a lot of people around or security guards but to my surprise there were none of either. This place was, I kid you not, completely empty. Now it was of course about 3:30am so that could have something to do with it, but either way it was a dream come true for what I had wanted. Also, because it was so dark and quiet out, I could hear and see a train coming from a good ways away so the possibility of getting run over became less likely. Fearing that this awesome moment may not last too long, I quickly ran out to the middle of the tracks and set up my tripod. I snapped away as many shots as I thought that I needed (which always end up being more than I need) and packed up my gear. This is an HDR image the was combined in Photomatix and processed in Photoshop CS6.

LA Tracks

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