Tower 23

This shot was taken at tower 23 at Ponto Beach in Carlsbad, California. If you go on the main beach and just walk North on the shore towards the campground you will find this spot. I liked it because there was no one there and there were rocks everywhere which made for a cool foreground subject. The bright color of the lifeguard tower provided a nice compliment to the rest of the picture so I knew I had to make it the main focus of the picture when I composed it. I had to wait to take this picture for a little bit because there were a few people walking around here and there and I didn’t want any kind of spooky ghostly image in my picture so I just waited and enjoyed the view until the time was right and I snapped away. This is a RAW image file that I processed in Photoshop CS6 using Nik Color Effex Pro and basic levels and curves adjustment. I adjusted the color of this picture as well because the original shot had a green hue because I had used a piece of welder’s glass for a 10 stop filter. Hope you like the results.


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