Sun and Steel

If you don’t recognize this building already, this is the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles, California. It was designed by Frank Ghery and claims to be one of the most acoustically sophisticated concert halls in the world. (that’s right, I said world) As cool as that sounds I have never heard a concert from inside it, I’m more interested with taking picture of the place because I think it looks real cool. It is nice to know that all that wild architecture and cool shapes do serve a useful purpose as well. When I took this shot I had come the Los Angeles with other intentions for photographs besides this building. I went about my day taking pictures I had wanted because it was somewhat cloudy which helped with some pictures. Soon enough, the sun ended up coming between the clouds and didn’t seem like it wasn’t going away. That was when I had remember this building and how I had wanted to take a picture of it in the direct sunlight for a while, since all the previous times I have visited it was real cloudy. Upon seeing this building with the sun shining off it, I realized what I had been missing. I wondered around the place and couldn’t keep my eye out of the viewfinder as I constantly saw new interesting spots to photograph. This shot in particular was actually taken from one of the surrounding street corners with a zoom lens. I wanted to get as many points and edges in one picture and found this shot to be pretty successful in that aspect. The processing of this shot was really easy because all I had to do was a few curves and levels adjustments and correct some white balance and that was it.

Disney Sun

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