I took this shot while I was in Singapore. This is from atop the Marina Bay Sands building that is billed as the world’s most expensive standalone casino priced at $8 billion. Me and a couple of buddies ventured up here hoping to get a good view and possibly some cool pictures out of it. We never expected anything like this. We just saw this cool looking building that had a boat on top of it (it legit is shaped like a boat) from a ways away and thought it looked cool. Fortunately the group I was with had wanted to stay until sunset because I really didn’t want to leave before then. The casino and hotel itself was impressive, boasting a giant infinity pool at the top (which only guests were allowed to go to) and a sweet bar and lounge requiring a dress code. The view was what really made it though. This was the nicest cityscape vantage point that I had ever visited before and I’m sure it will be for a little while. I took as many pictures as I could within the time we had. I wanted a fully nighttime image but we had to make the lightshow that went on every night which was also produced by this building. Because of the time constraint and being limited on how much time we had until we needed to return to the Navy’s ship we had to leave before it got dark enough. I’m still more than happy with what I got. This is a RAW image file that was merged to an HDR in Photomatix and processed in Photoshop. Hope you like the results.



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