Scripps Pier

One of the cleanest and nicest areas that I am closest to in California is definitely La Jolla. This area is located a little North of San Diego. There are some of the best beaches here because there is so much to see. They have coves you can go kayaking near and a place called the children’s pool where sea lions frequently hang out at and some awesome tide pools to go and explore during low tides. All these reasons account for my opinion for this area being the best beach area that is around me. The place picture here is at the Scripps Pier in La Jolla, California. This was during low tide if you haven’t figured out from the visible barnacles that are plastered on the pillars of the pier. I had come here before to try and photograph this spot and it had always been too sunny to get a slow enough shutter speed to get the effect I had wanted in the water. Now I know that there are filters for that but at the time I didn’t have any so I was out of luck. That was until I had bought this awesome piece of welder’s glass that I use to act as a 10 stop filter. This was my first shot I had taken with it and the beginning of a love for this valuable piece of gear. I was able to slow the exposure way down. I used 30sec for this shot but I could have even gone further. I was so surprised at how well this worked in direct sunlight and was extremely pleased with the results. I took this on a tripod and had a shutter release to prevent any movement of the camera during the photo. In post-processing I just had to remove the green hue put on by my makeshift filter and all was good.

Scripps Long Exposure

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