San Clemente Pier

I decided on visiting San Clemente pier the past weekend for three reasons. 1- I saw the clouds in the sky and figured it would turn out to be a pretty good sunset and was hoping to get some good pictures. 2-It was pretty close by and I didn’t have a lot of time until sunset. 3- I was having shooting withdrawals due to the fact that I have been so busy lately that I haven’t been able to go out and take any pictures. I just recently bought this awesome motorcycle, which I hope to post pictures of soon, that I have been riding around everywhere. It’s a Triumph Scrambler. If you have never seen one they look a lot like the old World War II bikes. Without getting too much off topic, this has been taking up some of my time, along with dealing with various other things since I just came back from deployment. Anyway, I had to wait a bit in order to take this photo because I had wanted the sun to set right between the pillars of the pier. It just took a little readjusting of my position with the tripod and voila. I took this as an HDR but only used this technique to bring out some of the details in the pier that would have been to dark otherwise. I took a whole bunch of shot to try and get the water as best I could also. The bracketed shots were taken at -2, 0, +2. I combined the TIFF files in Photomatix and processed the whole image in Photoshop CS6. Hope you like the results!

San Clemente

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