Redhawk Waterfall

All of you Temecula locals should know where this spot is. It is the well known waterfall that is off Redhawk Road. This was my first time visiting this spot and I was not let down. I was in Temecula for the day just traveling around wine country on my motorcycle and I found out about this place before I had left. I had never actually been through Temecula before unfortunately because this place was beautiful. Just traveling straight down Rancho California was quiet the sight. There were just fields of grape vines and orange groves. I will definitely be putting up other pictures of this visit soon enough. I just wanted to put this one up because it was my favorite from that trip. I came to this spot a little before sunset and had waited just until the time was right. Fortunately there wasn’t anyone there because I have heard that this is a popular spot. Sure enough, right when I was done shooting a group of me people showed up to take what looked like senior portraits at this spot. Looks like I made it just at the right time. I have been trying some different techniques on my landscape shots and decided to see how they would work out on this one. I dodged and burned some areas of the picture in order to keep some of the focus in the right spots. This is a RAW photo that I masked with a bracketed HDR that was taken at of course -2, 0, +2. I processed the RAW in Lightroom and finished the whole image in Photoshop CS6. Let me know what you think!


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