Portrait of Greg

About a year ago I went to a photography meet up where they had a studio set up to shoot some amateur models. It was helpful to both the photographers and the models. The models got some good pictures and modeling experience out of it all and the photographers got to practice with new lighting techniques and get some good model pictures to add to their portfolio. I found this meet up at Meetup.com which is an awesome site to socialize and meet people with the same interests as you. You can learn a lot from many of the people here because a lot of them have way more experience than you might and also may have helpful connections as well. This photo was my first actual shoot that I had gone to with this group and it was a hit. The people were super friendly and everyone was willing to throw in a helping hand. They let me experiment with the lighting so I could get a feel for a few things and even let me use some of their flash triggers since I didn’t have my own at the time. I unfortunately never got this models’ last name but I do know that his first name is Greg. He was great because I was new with working with models and I barely had to tell him what to do because he already had posed to a position I wanted to shoot with. For this shot we had one large softbox to camera right and a smaller fill light to the left. The background was a white wall which worked out perfectly to create a non distracting texture so the focus was Greg’s portrait. I had him focus his attention away from the camera and shot away. In Adobe Camera RAW I cross-processed this photo a it to give it a fashion feel.


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