Newport Beach

This shot was taken at Corona Del Mar over at the Newport Beach area. I found this spot through a mixture between the ever reliable 500px and google. Ever since I have found this spot, it has been an all time favorite for me because of the large dramatic rocks that protrude from the water. It was the first nice night I have been out for picture in a while because I have been busy with going to the field for the military. Not to mention lately I haven’t had to great of luck with the weather for some reason. Fortunately it worked out real well on this visit. The sky was really cloudy which provided great diffused lighting on the rocks and afforded me the opportunity to correctly expose the rest of the image with ease. What I originally envision was somewhat different from the clouds that were given to me in this image so I ended up replacing the sky with a composite. I only do this when it is absolutely necessary in my opinion because I hate blotching nature with surreal manipulations for no real purpose. I try to do it with realistic looking intentions. This is a RAW image file with a bit of work done to it. I masked through the sky to bring in another sky I had saved in one of my folders. I also applied some Nik Color Effex filters and levels adjustments. I masked through the -2 and +2 exposures as well. Hope you like the results.


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