Misty Beach

When I first got to California back in 2011, I traveled to as many spots as I could as often as possible because there was so much to see out here. I really got into photography when I bought my Nikon D7000 and since then my interest for it has just been growing. This photo came from one of my earlier adventures around California. This was at Corona Del Mar at Newport Beach in Southern California. I had first ventured out here because I saw it on Google Maps when I had been looking for beaches with rocks on them. This beach seemed to be a prime candidate to check out, so at my first opportunity I did. When I got there it had been exactly as I had hoped and expected. There were large rocks littered everywhere in the water and there were barely any people in some choice spots. I roamed around the whole area when I got here so I could figure out some of the good spots and decide some of the best vantage points for photos. I found that there is a opening to the beach from two ways close by and one of the ways was the easiest to get to where I took this shot at. It was a short climb along some large rocks to get here. This view stood out to me and by the time sunset had begun the lighting just got better and better here. I set up my tripod and started shooting. Once I took these images back and put them on my computer I was real happy with the results. Whenever I barely have to touch the photos in Photoshop, like this one, they always turn out awesome. All I did to this RAW image was some basic shadow and highlights adjustments and some levels and curves.


Dark Rock Beach Two

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