Merced Stream

I finally got to visit Yosemite National Park in Northern California. I took this shot from a bridge that crossed over the stream coming from the Merced River┬áthat was near the bottom of Nevada Falls. This was the nicest spot I have been at in America thus far. I felt like everywhere I looked there was an opportunity for a picture. The size of the peaks like El Capitan and Half Dome where bigger that any picture I had seen and were harder to hike up than most of the hikes I had been on.┬áThere will definitely be more photos to come of this area. Here is just a taste of some of the beauty that you can witness in the park. This whole area was shaded by the surrounding trees which made for great lighting and helped me bring out the rich colors that were all around. The photo picture here is actually comprised of 9 shots. 3 shots were taken for 3 different positions and -2, 0, and +2. I masked through the layers to get the best possible looking shot for each and then stitched them together to make a larger image ┬áconsidering I don’t have a wide angle lens. This was processed in Photoshop CS6. I also used Nik Color Effex Pro.


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