I shot this at my friends wedding at Coronado near San Diego, California. He let me shoot his wedding because I wanted to get the practice so I told him I would do it for free.  They got married on the beach here on a pretty sunny day. Coronado was such a beautiful place for a wedding and the couple was great to work with. Being my first wedding, I didn’t realize the full extent of the work that has to go into this. Probably the most time consuming was the post-processing because of the sheer amount of photos I had taken. It was super sunny out and hard to shoot so it was hard to handle a lot of the light because for the large amount of the wedding it was all harsh light. It wasn’t until later on when the sun started going down that the light quality increased and I didn’t need to use such a high amount of off camera lighting to balanace the scene. That was when this photo was taken. I took this as we were leaving the beach and heading to the cars to leave. The sun had already set and it was getting dark by this point. We were walking past the main entrance when I remembered I wanted a picture of the rings with them wearing them. There was a nice flowerbed that was lit up by a few scattered lights and I figured this would be a good spot for just that. I used a higher aperture in order to get the desired depth of field and brought their hands into the light and started snapping away. A few pictures was all I needed to know I would be pleased with this shot. It was my buddy Shawn and his now wife Stephanie’s hands that are in this picture.This had minimal processing in Photoshop to include levels and curves.



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