Lost in Translation

This photo reminded me a little of the cover of the movie “Lost in Translation.” This is actually my sister in this picture and this was taken on Acorn Street in Boston, Massachusetts. This was my first visit here surprisingly considering I have lived in the area for most of my life. You can probably already tell from the photo, but it was an awesome little street. There were cobblestone roads and old looking lampposts as well as brick buildings everywhere. It was also around Christmas time so there were even little wreaths with red bows. It was surprising in a way because it was right off a busy area around Boston Commons and almost like a hidden gem. If you have never been to Boston in general then I highly suggest it. There are tons of old historic buildings which have some interesting and beautiful architecture that makes for great pictures. This road is one of the many areas you can find out there. I took this with natural light because the building masked the sun so it was all shady which made for nice soft light. There was even a nice natural backlight that was provided for the picture from the lower building right behind my sister which helped to outline her more and seperate her from the background a bit. I have been getting into portraits a bit lately and have been trying new techniques to get the look that I visualize when I plan out the shots. I’m constantly learning and trying to perfect my technique so there will be more to come. This is a single RAW image file that I processed in Photoshop CS6. Most of the adjustments were minor apart from the dodging and burning that was done. Some final touches were also done with Nik Color Effex Pro. Hope you like the results!


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