Lighthouse Reflection

I took this at Palmer Island Lighthouse in New Bedford, Massachusetts. I had this image saved and hadn’t planned on working on it because I didn’t see too much potential in the original and it was hard for me to envision it otherwise. It wasn’t until I had to go on ship for about a month with the military┬áthat I decided to try processing it. This image forced me to use new techniques that I was still unsure about and really helped me learn new ways to match colors in the rest of the image in order to better fit in composite images. Sometimes when it comes to Photoshop, I have found that just messing around for a while and having fun with it will teach you a lot, especially by doing it on your own which help you retain the information a bit better. This is a RAW image file that was processed in Photoshop CS6. I used the Nik Color Effex Pro plugin as well as basic levels and curves adjustments. I masked out the background for a better suited one considering the day that I had actually taken this image was cloudy and boring. I hope you like the results and let me know what you think.

Palmer Island Far

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