Husband & Wife

I wanted to do this husband & wife couples portrait and my sister and her husband James were the perfect candidates. I had just recently bought this kind of cheap studio set up (it still did its’ job) and I had wanted to try it out. I set this all up in my living room which was the biggest room in the house, since it took up about a 10 foot span across the room. I had two shoot-thru umbrellas that I used as the key light and fill light. I set up the background with a plain black cloth that it had come with and I positioned the key light to camera left at about a 45 degree angle with the fill light almost centered in order to fill in the shadows between the gaps on their faces. For a rim light, I set up my SB 900 flash which I had on a remote trigger that was actually behind that cloth. Enough of the light had shone thru the cloth to separate them from the background. It was tough getting them into the pose that I had wanted them to go into but once I got a little better at directing them and they started laughing and having fun with it, everything went smoothly. At this point I hadn’t had the Rokinon 85mm f/1.4 unfortunately or else I would have definitely used that puppy but I still love the way the portraits came out. I did come correction with their faces in Photoshop CS6 to include taking out minor blemishes here and their, skin color correction, brightening of the eyes, whitening of their teeth, and taking care of some stray hairs. I put a slight touch of cross-processing to the image and sharpened their eyes as well as brightened them also by using a screen layer.


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