Hiji Falls

This area, known as Hiji Falls, is mentioned on another post on my website which is further down the stream from the falls and it is covered in thick vegetation with crystal clear water. You can check out the post here.  This is one of the first waterfall pictures that I had taken with my Nikon D7000, which was new at the time. I would say that this was where a love of waterfalls started. strange as it may sounds, this picture makes the falls look puny. In reality they are actually a pretty good size and are located in a beautiful spot. It is a small hike through the woods to get to these falls. The spot they are in is so great because all of the surrounding trees and vegetation practically block all the direct sunlight from coming in. This made for a great all around lighting that helped to bring out a lot of the colors. I shot this from a rock that was located in the middle of the pool beneath the falls. I had hopped over the security rope and snuck over here (I tend to do that a lot). I can’t even remember how many shots I took of this scene because I was trying everything out knowing that I wouldn’t get the chance to come to this spot again. I was swapping filters left and right and trying all kinds of different exposures. In the end, I settled on this image here which is a single RAW image files that was masked through in Photoshop CS6 in order to bring out some of the shadows and highlights that the camera couldn’t pick up. Only a few filters were applied from Nik Color Effex Pro in order to enhance some of the greens in the vegetation and the blues in that water.


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