Helix Bridge

If you have ever been to Singapore then you no doubt no where this area is. This is situated right in the middle of the city where the famous Merlion statue is located. This was the second time we stopped here for a port visit and I had already planned on coming to this spot. The first time I visited, we didn’t have enough time to see everything so I didn’t expect to come back here, but fortunately we did. The spiraling metal structure on the left of the picture is the Helix bridge. It is an awesome place to be at night because the bridge will change colors and every night there is a light show. The view for the light show isn’t as good from this spot as it is from across the river but you get to see the designs project on the building that you can’t see from the front. We waited here for about an hour or so so we could get the best lighting. I have several other shots that include different lighting situations like during twilight. I posted this photo because I thought that it was more flashy. I took this on a tripod and bracketed with -2, 0, +2. This is also a panorama because I still have yet to get a wide angle lens. The editing in Photoshop is always a pain with these types of photos because the stitching program never seems to match up all that great for me so I often have to do it manually. But hope you all like the results. If you got any questions about the processing just ask!


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