This picture is from a few weekends ago on one of my outings through Temecula, California. I had a pretty set picture in mind before I left and this one was it. I took my Rokinon 85mm f/1.4 because I wanted a really shallow depth of field. I was really looking for some purple grapes because I would have loved the color contrast but I think the green grapes still work. It was surprisingly hard to find full size grapes to take pictures of, believe it or not. I don’t know if I went here at the wrong time of year or just after they harvested all the ripe ones; then again they may not even let them grow that large. Either way, they were all so tiny! Fortunately I ended finding some good sized ones and snapped away. I wanted the grapes themselves to be in as much shade as possible that way they could retain their detail and could stay the focus of the picture. I didn’t even bring this photo into Photoshop for the processing because I did practically nothing as far as post-processing goes. This is a single RAW image file that had some curves and levels adjustments done to it.


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