Golden Gate Underbelly

The Golden Gate Bridge is probably the most photographed bridge there is and if you have looked at enough photos of it then you probably have seen a few of the same angles more than once, to include one of my shots as well. This is why I decided to scour around the area to try to find some new inspiration for different angles that I haven’t seen that much of and cool spots to see in general. That’s how I came upon this little hidden gem of an area. This is right near Fort Point, or… on top of it actually. If you go up the stairwell in Fort Point to the top you will get to the roof where you can get the unusual view of the Golden Gate Bridge pictured here. I loved the architecture and detail of this bridge. I find it really cool to look at and loved the rich red color of the paint that contrasted against everything else around it. I decided that it was best to take this picture as symmetrical as possible because I found that balance and structure were some of the key characteristics of the bridge itself. I also liked that you can see the water between the pillars and across to the other side underneath. I shot this picture on a tripod because there was no way that I was going to be able to hold it steady enough to get the symmetry that I wanted. In the end, I still had to do some corrections in post processing in order to fix a few off balance areas but overall it worked out pretty well. I used a filter from Nik Color Effex Pro to give it a little bit more of a gritty effect and I put a slight vignette around the edges.

Golden Gate Underneath

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