Golden Gate Bridge

In 2012 during the fall I decided to venture to San Francisco for the first time. It was about a 10 hour trip from the San Diego area taking the Pacific Coast Highway all the way with all the stop that I made included. That ride up was definitely the most beautiful right thus far in my life and definitely worth the extra few hours and gas in my opinion. I got to San Francisco and immediately noticed the temperature difference. It was a lot colder this far North at the time and I definitely hadn’t expected it. Poor planning on my part I guess. One of my first stops in San Francisco was of course the Golden Gate Bridge. This bridge was amazing to see. It was almost surreal because I have constantly seen it in other peoples pictures and magazines and have never seen it in real life. I guess it’s like seeing a famous person if that makes sense. I was glad that there was at least some fog around it for the picture because it is iconic in a way. I found this awesome vantage point pretty early on so I stayed there for a little while to get this shot. I didn’t want to over-process this shot either so I just used the original RAW image file and did some basic adjustments. Once I brought the image into Photoshop CS6 I decided to use a filter that gave it an almost cross-processing effect because I thought that it brought out the color in the bridge really well and gave it a nice blue hue while keeping the fog visible. For the filter I used Nik Color Effex Pro which is an awesome program that has a lot of cool options that I use on almost all of my pictures.

Golden Gate Day

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