Getty Museum

This is an old shot that was taken at the Getty Center in Los Angeles, California. I have been going through some older pictures that I haven’t posted since I haven’t been able to take any new pictures recently. I still have a few more up my sleeve but my stash is running low so hopefully I will be able to get some new photos soon. Once I get off this deployment I will finally go back to getting pictures all the time. If you live in California or are visiting and interested in museums, then I definitely suggest visiting the Getty Center. This has some of the nicest modern architecture and outdoor facilities that I have seen of this kind. From the cool white rounded buildings to the cement and solid stone structures, this place is a modern architecture photographers paradise. I’m not even big in to photographing modern architecture but I couldn’t help myself here. There are all kinds of awesome exhibits to visit and nice gardens to view on the outside as well. I took this shot inside one of the museum buildings while I was wandering around. I loved how minimal and pure this area looked and the light lit the area up with a nice clean white. It was a little dark so I used a tripod for this shot. People probably thought I was a weirdo considering everyone else was taking pictures of the actual art in the museum and I was taking picture of a staircase. O well. The best part about the place is that it is free! You can check out there Plan a Visit area of their site to find their hours, and location. This shot was a RAW image file that was edited in Photoshop CS6. Minimal processing was done using curves and white balance adjustments.

White Room

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