Forest Path

One of the only paths that lead to Campbell Falls in Connecticut was this beautiful hiking trail that was nestled deep in a dense forest. It was a perfect overcast day when I came here and the green colors in the forest really caught my eye because of how vibrant they were. I set up my tripod one the bridge and snapped away not expecting anything special from some of these pictures since the main reason for going to this spot was for the waterfall. Fortunately the path proved to be just a beautiful a sight. I shot this with my Nikon D7000 mounted on a tripod. I bracketed the shots in order to mask away some of the darker and brighter areas and processed the whole image in Photoshop. The only add-on that I used was Nik Color Effex Pro. If you have never used this program I strongly suggest it because there are a lot of helpful presets and you can enhance the pictures pretty substantially whilst still keeping the natural look and feel. I have been trying a more natural look and I keep working to perfect it. The best part about the more natural look is that it requires a lot less work, though the photo straight out of the camera has to have a better overall lighting range than usual. This is why going on a cloudy day was perfect since there is only filtered light all around. If you have any questions feel free to ask!


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