Chaurami Aquarium

If you ever visit Okinawa, Japan then Chaurami Aquarium should be on your list of places to see. This has one of the largest whale shark tanks in the world and the grounds are equally impressive. It’s located right along the shoreline so you can go right outside the aquarium and check out a lot of cool cultural displays for free. I was in Okinawa with the Marine Corps at the time because of a deployment we were on. I didn’t visit this aquarium until a few weeks into being there because there were a few other things on the island that I wanted to see, to include Hiji waterfall which is mentioned in another post. After finally deciding to visit the aquarium I was glad that I did. I probably stayed at the tank pictured here for the longest. I couldn’t take my eyes off these massive whale sharks. Seeing one up close is way different than seeing them in picture because it’s hard to show just how large they are. That’s why I had the idea of putting the silhouette of people in front of the tank. I think that without the silhouette of tourists in front of the tank then¬†this image¬†wouldn’t be able to give an accurate representation of just how large the sharks were. Even the tank was impressive on it’s own because of how large it needed to be in order to house these creatures. I took this shot from the back of the room on top of a raised area with a tripod. I exposed the image for the shark tank in order to silhouette the people in front. Once I opened the RAW file in Photoshop CS6, I did some color adjustments and brought it into Photoshop and did some curves and levels adjustments.

Chaurami Aquarium Whale Shark Tank

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