Cabin in the Woods

The trip through the woods to the Redwood Forest was quite the adventure. When we arrived at the front gate we had a little over a quarter of a tank of gas and figured we would be fine. How far could it be, right? Wrong! We wanted to see General Sherman, the largest tree in the United States and this tree just so happened to be about sixty miles down the road, or I should say up the mountain. It was literally all uphill. It was also extremely close to sunset so we were rushing. We had hit up so many places already that this was one of the last ones to go to and we didn’t want to miss it. By the time we had finally reached the top where the parking lot was the gas light had already been on for about ten minutes. We ended up being able to see the tree with just enough sunlight to spare. We thought it was a different one at first but after going a little further down the trail you find that it is clearly labeled. It really was quite the sight. By the time we were done it began getting pretty dark. On our way out was when I saw this shot. Surprisingly I actually like this shot better than I like the ones of General Sherman. It was a little tricky when it came to the post-processing part but I was able to pull off the look and feel that I was going for. I wanted it to show how serene it was in that instant and how quiet it felt. Hope you like the results!

_DSC7267 small

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