Bridge and City

I only had so much time in San Francisco during the road-trip that I took with my sister and I wanted a few different shots of the Golden Gate Bridge Website. It was getting late and by the time we were done with this spot we were going to have to hit the road again, so I decided to try anything I could think of for a new shot from the same spot. This is how I came across this photo. I zoomed in with my lens and got a tight enough crop where you could still make out the bridge in the foreground while peering through to the city in the background. I had wanted to take a shot like this too fortunately, I just always forget. There is another photo from the same night on my website that includes the whole bridge if you want to check that out too. This was literally the nicest setup I had ever seen for this scenic spot. The fog was rolling in perfectly and the lights from the bridge turned on just in time to create a calming mood. Thankfully, my sister was a good sport about hanging out and waiting for it to get a little darker. I don’t think she minded it much though considering this was her first time in San Francisco and this view was quite the sight. I shot this with my Nikon D7000 mounted on my Vanguard Website tripod and of course bracketed it for -3, 0, and +3. I used layer masking to merge the best lit parts of the photos together in Photoshop CS6 and did some finishing touched with Nik Color Efex Pro Website. Hope you like the results!


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