This bonsai tree was located at the Huntington Library in Los Angeles, California. If you live in Southern California and have never been here then it is a must see. There are various different gardens like a Chinese and Japanese Garden as well as all kinds of interesting floral that is scattered around the grounds. I came here pretty early this day and stayed for at least three of four hours just walking around and taking everything in. There is so much to see here that I even filled up one of my memory cards. I took this shot while I was in the Japanese Garden here, going through the large bonsai area they have. Some of these trees were over a hundred years old and had some real cool forms they had taken over the years. This one in particular stood out to me because of the awesome position that it was in as well as the great lighting and cool shape. This was one of the few bonsai trees there that was totally in the shade which made for a large amount of detail able to be shown without getting blown out whites or too dark of blacks. I thought the corner that it was in was interesting also because I felt that it limited the distractions around it, like other bonsai trees, and made for a simple background. It was pretty simple putting this picture together. I just took a few regular RAW images of it handheld, exposing for the tree itself and that was it. I took it into Photoshop CS6 later in Adobe Camera RAW and messed around with some of the sliders in order to adjust some of the shadows and highlights and gave it some more vibrant greens to make the tree pop and that was it.

Bonsai Tree


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